Setting up a night shoot with a colleague! 

Setting up a night shoot with a colleague! 

Bivouac Photographer!

Bivouac, pronounced biv o wak

Meaning: Bivouac - a temporary encampment with few facilities, often used by soldiers or photographers waiting for that all important break in the clouds.

Mission: To combine photography and the outdoors. Many of my images will be captured after setting up a bivouac the night before taking an image or indeed the night after i've taken an image.

The 4 Seasons: I have broken my portfolio of images down into the Meteorological seasons of the Gregorian Calendar for ease and for year on year comparability. Spring, March/April/May Summer, June/July/August Autumn, September/October/November Winter, December, January, February 

History: After owning a Kodak compact as a young boy I progressed onto a Ricoh SLR in the mid 1980's before moving away from photography for some years. When I came back to photography it was via a compact Sony digital model; I was immediately taken with the digital revolution but I was soon looking for more control and reverted back to film with a Nikon FM3a.  This was and still is a fantastic SLR; I still own it, I still use it and I will never sell it, however I did jump on the digital bandwagon and purchased a Full Frame Nikon DSLR. As technology improved I decided to try a Sony RX10 Bridge camera. As a brand Sony are innovating more than most and this small camera packed a punch well above what you might expect. With this positive experience behind me I once again changed brands, sold the digital Nikon gear, all of the lenses and purchased a Sony A7s. The move to Sony was not an easy one, I loved my Nikon gear, but I needed to combine what I do with 'work' where I use Sony video cameras and what I wanted to do with my 'part-time work' and moving to Sony enabled me to do that.

My kit bag does not bulge but I am happy with it. I have various lenses, some old and some new which is the beauty of the mirrorless Minolta A-Mount lenses are my favourites but I also love the way that I am now able to use some fantastic glass from the likes of Canon on my mirrorless system. So far, the experience has been a positive one.

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